Monday, August 4, 2014

What to do if you are arrested for DUI while on probation.

If you are on probation while you are arrested for DUI, you may be subject to additional penalties, including jail and fines. Newport Beach DUI Lawyer Gene Dorney has the knowledge and experience to help you through the serious issues that arise when you are charged with both a new case and an additional probation violation. Your probation case may be in a different court,  a different county, or even a different state than your new case, and it is important to carefully analyze the effect each will have on the other. Unlike a new criminal case which must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, probation cases need only be proven by a preponderance of the evidence (or "more likely than not").  
The Law Office of Gene Dorney is your best defense if you have been arrested for DUI and are charged with a violation of probation. I offer a Free Initial consultation. Call 949-675-4973 to speak with Gene Dorney, Attorney at Law, 24/7. My Office is located in Newport Beach, California. Call for DUI Help now 949-675-4973!

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