Thursday, July 4, 2013

Newport Beach Peninsula Fourth of July Arrests

It's 6:00 PM July 4th, 2013. The Newport Beach Peninsula is experiencing another annual influx of thousands of beachgoers revelers and party people. I'm watching it first hand right now because that is where my office is located. The Newport Beach Peninsula is my neighborhood.
 Law enforcement is out in full force. Dozens of arrests have already been made and its not even dark yet. Fines are tripled if the arrest occurs in the Safety Enhancement Zone between 38th Street and 53rd Street.
If you or someone close to you is arrested on the Fourth or during the upcoming weekend, The Law Office of Gene Dorney is here to help. I have over 35 years experience defending criminal cases of all types from dui, assault, suspended licenses, probation violations, and serious felonies including homicide. My office is located on the Newport Beach Peninsula. I'll meet with you right away for a free consultation.  Defending you, your friends and loved ones is what we do around here every day, 24/7. No more so than on the Fourth of July. We're in the neighborhood. Call and talk to me at 949 675-4973. And follow me on Twitter @genedorney for in advance notification of the times and location of dui/license checkpoints in Orange County.
 Have a safe and sane Independence Day.
Gene Dorney, Attorney at Law.